Saturday, December 31, 2016

New years, superstitons or traditions, a ramble

For my newer readers who haven't heard the story, when I was 10 I decided to see what happened at 12 Midnight on Dec 31, my reckoning, remember that this was fifty years ago in a much simpler time, that it was something pretty spectacular.  So there I sat all curled up in a darkened house with the TV turned way down waiting to see the "ball" drop  in Times Square and the New Year begin, finally the countdown,  3-2-1 "Happy New Year" lots and lots of noise and confetti, while outside a few people were honking horns and shooting rifles, but everything seem to be over in a matter of a couple of minutes.   I was tired and crawled off to my bed. 
Every year since then I have managed to stay up and see the new year in, my all time favorite was the year that Dan Haggarty was a part of the celebration at some hotel with some host I can't remember.   Some years I had to set an alarm clock to make sure I was awake at the appropriate time.  Then there was the year that Dick Clark returned as host in spite  of having had a stroke,  that was so courageous, and so good to see.

One new year has otherwise mostly blended into the next, I sweep the thresholds and burn the trash, and start on the next days meal.  All that being done I settle down to the TV, or Facebook, or this blog and struggle to stay awake.  Perhaps the tall glass of water and ice laced with Old Crow, added to my mellowing, and tonight there is almost no traffic on the highway, save for those who are driving the  State trucks faithful plowing, scraping and applying anti-skid.  I have great respect for those folks.    But the silence is eerie almost other worldly.

New Year’s for the superstitious lot
On New Year’s Eve in 1921, the Columbus News published a list of superstitions and customs pertaining to this holiday. Montana is such a melting pot that customs, superstitions and traditions came from all over the world. Here is a synopsis of some of those:
•Quiet clear weather on New Year’s Eve means the year will be prosperous. But if the wind blows, it is a sign of pestilence.
•It is lucky to rise early on New Year’s Day, but if you wash clothes on the first day of the New Year, you will wash away a friend.
•If the ice melts on January first, it will freeze on April first.
•While the clock is striking midnight on New Year’s Eve, say this poem three times: “St. Anne St. Anne, send me a man as fast as you can” and you will be engaged within the year.
•Calling on friends is a longtime tradition on New Year’s Day. But in even earlier times, caroling was the custom. Bring the first carol singer who comes to your door on New Year’s into your house through the front door, take the caroler throughout the house and let him out the back door; it will bring luck to your household for the coming year.
•If the first person you meet on New Year’s Day is a man, you’ll have good luck; if it’s a woman, bad luck; if it’s a priest, you’ll die within the year; if it’s a policeman, you will have a lawsuit.
•Good luck will come to you if you place coins on your windowsill on New Year’s Eve.
Whatever your superstitions or traditions, party safely and have a prosperous New Year.

Ellen Baumler, Montana Moment
Ellen Baumler is an award-winning author and the interpretive historian at the Montana Historical Society.
Article Published On Great Falls Tribune

Ever since my bartending days, I have called New Year's Eve, "Amateur Night", and no I didn't make that title up, an older and wiser bartender did that for me.  You see some people have the perception that is the night when it is obligatory to get sloppy drunk.  Often these are people who don't drink during the year.  I mean really, what are they thinking??? But that is a whole nother ramble.

So with only minutes remaining to 2016 I wish you all abundance and happiness.
And just about the only thing I remember form 2 year of HighSchool Latin.
  Felix sit Annus Novus


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Yule Log, or is it too early to get a start on next year???

Well what do you think?   I think it is never to early to start day dreaming about next year.   So I am sharing this with you.
Merry Happy everyone!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

haiku~~~snowy angels

beautiful...falling snow
mind your trod, but it's too late
  making  snow angels!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas wish for you

I was standing in the checkout line a couple days ago, with all my Christmas  victuals awaiting their trip to my kitchen, when I noticed the man in front of me was Santa, well he looked more like Father Christmas,  and he was buying candy canes!  So I thought I just might ask him, for a special wish I have.  May-be, may-be, I said, Santa "I have a special wish", and he replied "For you I hope it comes true."
Honest it really happened!  And honest a part of the wish has come true.   So, Ok, now I am a Believer again, or  probably I always was, because I did ask him in the first place. Right?

By now I am sure that my frequent readers know my I have never quite grown up, whilst I have grown much older.   But if you didn't, you do now.   So being emboldened by my boldness, I will shortly go outside and look up to the sky, which is cloudy and rainy, and make a wish for everyone as I do each year.

I wish for Peace on Earth and if that isn't possible, then for peace in the  hearts of those who seek it.
I wish that everyday everyone finds at least one thing to be glad about.
I wish that the child in you makes each day a brighter one.
And for sweet dreams and restful slumbers to each of you.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Decembers Full Moon, a short ramble

The Merry moon before Yule, has glowed through the thin clouds these last few nights, but tonight when it is full, the clouds are perhaps too thick for it's glow to show through.   Now as we near the Winter solstice,  when the nights are the longest each little bit of light has become precious.   We decorate our homes with light to welcome back the lengthening days. Much as our ancient ancestors lit bonfires to encourage the sun's return.  The daylight hours will be longer when the next full Moon beams down on us.  And that perhaps even the earth itself uses this dormant time to prepare for Spring. 
I would call this the Moon of Silent Change, that time when Spring is so distant and we, like the tree and plants who overwinter, turn inward, nurture ourselves, develop our roots.   Though there is no way to know if trees think or remember, it is my feeling that in some ways they do.  And perhaps they tell one another stories in the silence of the long, dark winters nights. 
Our ancestors told stories, and brought trees into their homes while they celebrated Yule and Christmas, did they know something that we have forgotten.  Or was it just conviviality.   And a way to amuse the children who were doubtless bored by being indoors.  Tales of  Odin bringing gifts and later Santa's presents placed under a tree brought in to make the home festive and sweet smelling, might have been more than a way of rewarding good children and encouraging good behavior in others.

So in this Merry Season and under the Merry Moon, let us remember others and hold our loved ones dear, take a moment, no many moments to be kind to ourselves and to look upward and remember that we are all in this together under the Merry Moon  

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Saturday, December 10, 2016

the first big storm


Long nights slumbers under the warmth of old quilts, early sunsets and cold feet, winter has settled in.  And looks like it plans to stay for while. 

There is a fire roaring in the stoker,  it does the job of taming the cold wind that sneaks  through the cracks in the old house.  Tonight is the first real storm of this winter,  blowing snow sets off the motion  activated lights and I have a beautiful view of the swirling snows.   Though I would prefer a  view of  green and growing springtime.   Storms can be beautiful until you have to find you vehicle and shovel it out of the snow, then clear the drive before you can drive into town for a jar of coffee.   I like that I usually don't have to go anywhere these days. Usually anyway.

it is unusually quiet, and as the snow fall and covers the Christmas lights the across the road neighbor has wrapped around his shrubbery, and those lights are beginning to look like glowing sherbet. Now that is a beautiful sight, on this still and moonless night.  Snow is

definitely less ugly when It happens before Christmas.

  Occasionally  there will be headlights, or the sound of a snowplow on the road,  but mainly it is quiet.  The windows cast rectangles of warm inviting light across the snowy ground.  I remember waiting for my Dad to come home from working second shift.  As the group of men with their lunch pails passed a house one man would leave the group, then the porch light would turn out, the group of men grew smaller until at last it was just my Dad and the neighbor.  This was the best time of the year to watch because  of the Christmas lights.

 In the here and now lights flicker,  threatening to plunge us into candlelight, and the wind howls even louder.  A candle is already lit, just because, one wouldn't want to fumble around in the dark.     

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

slightly wordy Slent Sunday on a road

Not every picture is worth a thousand words, but the memory it represents is.