Monday, October 31, 2016

Blessed Samahin

To all in the Northern Hemisphere.
A Blessed Samhain.
Happy New Year!
Winter is here.
Bring in the Harvest. ...
Hopefully your hard work has paid off.
Time for gathering the Kindred.
Both Alive and Dead.
A time to Honour those gone before us. Ancestor Spirit.
Guise yourself well. *chuckles*
Protect yourself. Ensure your folk have been protected.
Through ensuring you have prepared for the coldness and bareness of the new season. Nature, rests. And so must you.

Have an awesome one guys!!!!!
Picture: Samhain-2009 by Leah McNeir (found in Google Images

Men say that in this midnight hour,
The disembodi├Ęd have power
To wander as it liketh them,
By wizard oak and fairy stream.
~William Motherwell

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Friday, October 21, 2016

the last tomato

The first rays of dawn washed across my bed and gently illuminated my room , waking me as they do every morning.   I rolled over to face the wall,  and pulled the quilt around me,  it seemed so much colder than I thought it should be.  So much colder in fact that I wondered if a window was open.  So I got up to close it.

The view from my window, which was firmly closed and not the least bit open, was not only stunning it was educational.  It took me  a few minutes to process that all the whiteness  was in fact, a very heavy frost and NOT SNOW!!  the endless summer of 2016 had ended!!!   Inside my gardeners heart was screaming " Hell, no!!!  this can't be happening!!! There are still blossoms on my tomato vines!!!"  However my rational, OK-OK rational is a stretch, thinking self said, " Now I can sleep in."  I wish there were emoji's for this because I will fill the page with them.  tomato vines in blossom, sleeping gardener, tomato vines in bloom, sleeping gardener, tomato vines....well you get the idea.

Yes, it  is Autumn, and the harvest is over.  No, I don't want it to be, Autumn is beautiful, and refreshing after this hot and humid endless Summer, I still like summer better though.

 Unlike other seasons this last flourish of Natures bounty and beauty  has more than one name.  Which I have often wondered about. Autumn is a word derived from the Latin, meaning end of the harvest, it was used beginning in the 1400s.  Fall,  is short for 'Fall of the Leaves', as this season was called in the 1600s.   In the 1300s, the name Harvest, a most befitting name was in use.  You can learn many things from watching Public Television.

Now my mind is wandering or is that wondering?  No matter, because here are a couple of  brief videos that will explain why leaves change colors. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

haiku~~~memory's waltz

lingering, dancers

waltz across the  moonlit  lawn

and then they are gone

Sunday, October 16, 2016

super surperlative Hunter's Moon

Here I am trying to type, and trying to soak in the beauty of tonight's full moon at the same time.  It isn't working out well, typing is not one of the skills I have mastered, and after all these years, I am pretty sure that it never will be.

There were a number of superlatives tossed around about tonight's Full Hunter Moon.  Watching it climb above the horizon, winking through the trees,  A huge  disk, glowing softly golden, it gently glides across the dark velvety sky.  No longer obscured by tree leaves, pine needles or branches, it  has that silvery gleam that hunters and farmers were said to have used like daylight to help them track game and harvest late crops.   The Hunters Moon is traditionally the Full Moon after the Harvest Moon, and the idea of using it's brightness  to lengthen the work day was first mentioned in print during the 18th century.

This particular Hunter's Moon will appear much larger, and hence be called a "Super moon", and it will be a deeper orangish, redish color because of atmospheric conditions.  So that makes it a super superlative moon, considering  all of the attention the media has been giving to the 'Blue moon", "Black Moon" etc...right??  It still only looks bigger, because it is closer to earth than usual.   And here is EarthSky's illustration of that.

As  Ladymoon glides across the cloudless expanses, on this very quiet night,   I feel privileged in experiencing one of those moments when I sense the thinness of the veil between worlds that our  Ancestors feared and celebrated at this time of year.   The crisp air, and the scent of fallen leaves, the rich golden colors that come before plantlife decays and returns to the earth.  Downed leaves that rustle in the chilly breeze cause me to pull my jacket closer around me, even my mug of generic tea tastes richer and the mug itself warms my hands. Standing here admiring the same moon that our ancestors did, a second meaning for Hunters Moon crosses my awe filled mind.  Was it only game that they hunted for, only something to feed the body or was it more?  Could it be that they were also be that they hunting for something to feed their souls?

A silent Sunday of Halloween postcards

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

haiku~~~~ black cat

right here in plain sight
you can't see me, I stay still
and watch my kingdom

Silent Sunday~~~Hedgehog Picnic

thanks Coleman