Saturday, December 31, 2011

A cat told me

~thanks to whoever took this picture
It hasn't started to snow yet, but I watched the sun sink below the tree line and that is the final sunset of this calendar year.  Crisp and still, the air  smelled soooooooo good, like it does when snow is coming.  And snow is coming.

I have had this cat as my desktop wallpaper for awhile now, he looks like he is looking for something, some sign or signal,  just listening and watching closely.   Trying to peer into the future, or may-be just over the fence rail.  Anticipating what is to come, because tonight more than any other night we wonder, not think, but wonder about the future.  Beliefs about  divining the future abound tonight, and of course resolutions...ahhum "I hereby resolve to make no resolutions." that should be easy enough to keep.

As I always do I will park myself in front of the TV, and watch the ball come down in Times Square, being very grateful that I am not in that throng of people, though at one time I would have enjoyed it immensely!!!  And if I an lucky I will get to see  footage of the celebrations in other cities.  And if I haven't gone off to dreamland.

Tomorrow morning when I get up I will flip the page on the calendar, start the coffee and welcome the new day, it is a new year, and a new day, and a new start just like every other morning.

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ArtSings1946 said...

I know what you mean about Time Square....I'm originally from NY and never went there for New Year's eve...never appealed to me. I think mostly tourists went. But, they are happy so that's good.

Happiness and Peace to ALL !

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